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Looking for Corporate Insurance?


Large companies or corporate organisations face a multitude of operational risks every day.

Corporate insurance is therefore crucial to protect against financial losses, employee and third party claims, to cover group healthcare and so on.

‘Corporate insurance’ is a term that pertains to various policy types, which we can advise upon when you contact our helpful team. Every corporation is different and we offer a bespoke insurance service by getting to know the business operations and industry type to offer the most appropriate cover.

At Mantra Insurance, our commercial clients benefit from a personal service from a dedicated broker or team of brokers depending on the size of a business. We currently work with a number of corporate clients in a range of industries to offer a high-level of service, competitive premiums and proactive support.

Types of Corporate Insurance

The different types of insurance required by a corporation are largely dependent on the type of industry in which they function, for example an IT company’s insurance needs will differ from a large residential building company.

Below are some general insurance types we can arrange for your corporation:

  • General liability insurance – to protect against claims of negligence due to accidents or injury.
  • Corporate health insurance – to care for employees’ health needs.
  • Directors & Officers insurance – to protect high-level corporation members from legal actions, negligence or claims of company mismanagement.
  • Employer’s Liability – to cover your statutory obligations to your staff.

Whatever the nature of your corporation, Mantra Insurance’s team will be able to assist.

Why Choose Mantra Insurance?

  • We understand a corporate company’s unique risks – beyond standard business insurance, we can arrange complex and specialist insurance to suit your company’s needs.
  • We are professional – arranging corporate insurance will require discussion, research and advice. We offer a personalised, professional service to every company we work with.
  • We are efficient – insurance matters can be time-consuming and for some business-types are a legal obligation. We can take care of these for you quickly and effectively, so you can focus on what matters.

To discuss commercial corporate insurance, please contact us directly.

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