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Looking for Medical Insurance?


Your health and wellbeing are of utmost importance to you and your loved ones.

Private medical insurance (PMI) provides additional assurance that your needs will be cared for in the event of an emergency, or – depending on the type of policy – for annual health check-ups.

With PMI, you have access to leading providers of private healthcare in a location that suits you and at a time that fits in with your busy lifestyle. This type of cover is essential in diagnosing and treating simple and acute conditions that could impact upon your day to day life.

We arrange PMI for individuals, employees and families, in the UK or abroad.

What is Medical Insurance For?

PMI is designed to take away the worry and stress associated with illness or accidents. It covers the cost of critical care required to restore you back to health quickly and without the long waiting times associated with the NHS.

Most medical insurance plans do not cover pre-existing conditions; however, our expert insurance brokers will provide you with the right information so you can decide which type of cover suits you best.

Why Choose Mantra Insurance?

Let us do the hard work for you. It is our aim to save you time, explain the small print and ensure you understand and are happy with your insurance policy.

  • We are independent – as brokers, we offer impartial, unbiased advice. We have access to a wide range of insurance providers, from well-known names to individual insurers, so you have the choice of who is right for you and your policy.
  • We save you time – finding the right PMI can be overwhelming and time-consuming. By using Mantra Insurance, we provide you with information that is easy to understand and accessible. We cut through the jargon and get to the facts.
  • We get to know your needs – Mantra Insurance offers you cover that is personalised and unique to you. We do this by understanding your needs and taking the time to explore the type of policy you require.

To discuss private medical insurance, please contact us directly.

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